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Discussion on Education, Affordability and Work for emerging Leaders with Jimmy Jean and Brett Chang

May 3, 2023

Our chief economist, Jimmy Jean, will discuss with Brett Chang, co-founder and CEO of The Peak, about the state of education, affordability and work for Canada’s emerging leaders.

Want to know more about high inflation, interest rates, the labour market and other key factors likely to shape the economic destiny of Canada’s youth?

The Desjardins x Peak Emerging Leaders Briefing will answer questions on top of young Canadian leaders’ minds including:

  • How are young Canadians impacted by trends in education and immigration? What do I need to know as I build a team for the future? 
  • What do higher interest rates mean for housing costs and my investments? And how is inflation impacting my everyday costs?
  • What can we expect to see in the Canadian economy for 2023 and beyond?

Register now External link. This link will open in a new window. to hear the views of our Chief Economist Jimmy Jean and Brett Chang on May 24 between 1 and 2 pm.