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Desjardins Group and TELUS Friendly Future Foundation team up to promote four environmental education projects

February 5, 2024

Montreal, February 5, 2024 – Desjardins Group and its Foundation are proud to announce a new partnership with TELUS Friendly Future Foundation to support youth coping with worries about the environment. According to an economic study published by Desjardins in spring 2023, 81 per cent of young people in Canada are concerned about the impacts of climate change. To both support community needs and fight climate change, has partnered with TELUS Friendly Future Foundation to support projects that promote youth environmental education and climate action initiatives.

"Climate change is impacting more than our environment, society and economy," said Nancy Lee, Executive director of Desjardins Foundation. "It's damaging people's physical, mental and financial health, and youth are particularly susceptible. By supporting these promising projects, we're helping mitigate these negative impacts. That's why we're proud to work with our business partner, TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, to help build a better future for all."

“Charities offering creative approaches to environmental education will help youth to build skills and knowledge, and be inspired to address the urgency of the climate crisis,” said Shanan Spencer-Brown, Executive Director of TELUS Friendly Future Foundation. “Solutions to many of the most pressing social and environmental challenges we face today require new ways of thinking. That’s why we’re so pleased to partner with Desjardins Foundation on four innovative projects focused on youth and their role in addressing climate change.” 

Supporting initiatives with the power to transform society: A common goal

This partnership makes four meaningful projects possible. These educational and environmental projects will launch shortly across Canada. 

The New Earth Rangers School Assembly: Re-imagining Environmental Education in Canada

This project helps elementary schoolers understand today's environmental issues and take real, positive action in their community. With Desjardins's support, Earth Rangers will use cutting-edge technology to virtually transport students to ecosystems around the world, encouraging curiosity, stimulating conversation and creating lasting impressions.

Regional User Experiences by EcoSchools Canada

This initiative will help school communities develop the skills, knowledge and resources they need to take climate action and reduce their environmental footprint. This funding will make it possible for EcoSchools Canada to open its program in three new provinces: Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba.

Roots & Shoots : Youth Climate Action by The Jane Goodall Institute 

The Jane Goodall Institute will educate young Canadians to shed more light on three global crises—climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental inequality—and will encourage students to take action to resolve related challenges in their local communities. The project will provide advice, resources and microgrants to help youth bring their actions to life while creating a new virtual community centre that encourages discussions with people working in the community. 

Optimizing Climate Education by Evergreen

This project will use Evergreen Brick Works as an innovation hub to teach young people the basics of sustainable technology, green buildings and landscaping, and nature-based climate solutions. The program will feature tech like geothermal energy, solar panels and flood-resistant landscaping. It will help students build skills while equipping them with tools to better understand climate change, and it will also introduce them to some of the technologies and trades that are rapidly growing in the Canadian economy.

Building upon the existing partnership between Desjardins Insurance and TELUS Health, this new collaboration with TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, brings together two influential national charitable foundations with a shared mission to help youth in Canada thrive, further expanding the reach and positive impact of their collective efforts.  

About TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is a Canadian registered charity that believes all youth, regardless of circumstance, deserve an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. That is why we’re committed to giving youth the opportunity to belong. By funding more than 500 charities each year that provide education and health programs, many enabled by technology, along with providing educational bursaries, TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is helping more than 2 million youth in communities across Canada build skills, confidence and feel a sense of belonging. In 2023 alone, we provided more than $9 million in grants to 550+ charitable programs across Canada, and $2 million in bursaries to 400+ post-secondary students in financial need who are committed to making a difference in their communities.

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