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International development

A new partnership to increase our impact on environmental issues

December 29, 2021

On December 16, Développement international Desjardins (DID) signed a cooperation agreement with the Sahara and Sahel Observatory that will allow us to join forces to increase our impact in several areas of mutual interest: resilience in the face of climate change and natural disasters, conservation and restoration of ecosystems, food security, natural resource management, and green and inclusive finance.

"DID is a partner of choice," said Nabil Ben Khatra, Executive Secretary of the Observatory, "and this partnership reflects our desire to support the promotion of a green economy and improve the quality of the natural and socioeconomic environment for the benefit of disadvantaged African populations."

Specialized in environmental monitoring and natural resource management, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory is an international organization with an African focus, whose members include 33 countries (26 in Africa) and 13 organizations. Among other things, the organization facilitates the establishment of multilateral agreements on desertification, biodiversity and climate change, promotes regional and international initiatives related to environmental challenges and participates in the harmonization of approaches and methodologies associated with sustainable development.

As part of its strategy focused on climate, land, water and biodiversity issues, it works to strengthen partnerships for a better access to climate finance in Africa, promote integrated water resources management and develop tools and knowledge for sustainable natural resource management. To this end, the organization acts as a platform for North-South-South partnership, as an interface for science-policy articulation and as a collaborative instrument available to countries.

"Collaborating with the Observatory is a privilege and an honor. Together, we'll be able to identify innovative solutions and implement our respective strategies in the fight against climate change," said Gerardo Almaguer, DID's President and CEO.