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International development

Strengthening adaptation to climate change of women and ecosystems in protected areas of Congo and Chad

January 18, 2024

Strengthen women's capacity to manage natural resources sustainably. Promote women's adoption of nature-based, biodiversity-friendly productive solutions. Promote ecosystem adaptation through nature-based solutions. Encourage the adoption and implementation of protected area management plans focused on gender equality and resilience to climate hazards. These are the ambitious objectives of the ELLESadAPt project.

Carried out jointly by DID and Baastel as part of Global Affairs Canada's Partnering for Climate (P4C) Initiative, and in partnership with Noé, this project will allow us to join forces and resources to conserve biodiversity and improve ecosystem services in the protected areas of Conkouati-Douli National Park in Congo and the Binder-Léré Protected Area Complex in Chad.

ELLESadAPt will also involve many local and international actors, who will work at several levels to promote ecosystem adaptation in the two national parks and implement nature-based solutions with a feminist climate justice perspective so that women can play a central role as agents of change. An approach based on the exercise of human rights which will aim to address discriminatory practices and distributions of power that are unfair to women.

Ultimately, more than 2,000 women entrepreneurs will have acquired the resources, skills and support they need to adopt productive, nature-based solutions that will enable them to increase their adaptation to climate change and that of their natural ecosystems.