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Desjardins Group donates $1,5 million to HEC Montréal

March 28, 2022

Supporting youth is a top priority for Desjardins Group. They have made education a core part of their mission for the past 120 years. Today, they are building further on this legacy by donating $1.5 million to help HEC Montréal move forward with several major initiatives to promote financial literacy and entrepreneurial education.

“Investing in financial literacy, especially at a young age, is a great way to help the next generation become more knowledgeable, skilled and confident about managing their money,” said Guy Cormier (HEC Montréal 1991 et 2000), President and CEO of Desjardins Group. “These are absolutely essential in working toward a set of financial goals. At Desjardins, this is something we care deeply about, and we are very proud to team up with HEC Montréal to support their financial literacy and entrepreneurial education research and, in so doing, make a real and lasting difference in our community.”

“We are extremely grateful to Desjardins Group for partnering with us on this so we can continue with our advanced research and uphold the highest training standards,” said Michel Patry, President and CEO of the HEC Montréal Foundation. “Their involvement proves yet again how essential our corporate partners are to us as we strive to keep breaking new ground, usher in more projects and have an even greater impact at every level of society.”

Of the $1.5-million donation from Desjardins Group, $1.25 million will be directed toward the creation of a financial literacy laboratory within the Retirement and Savings Institute External link. This link will open in a new window. and the launch of a Desjardins professorship in personal finance, led by Philippe d’Astous, Associate Professor at the HEC Montréal Department of Finance.

Caroline Aubé, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer at HEC Montréal, echoed this appreciation for Desjardins Group’s generosity, emphasizing that knowledge is key with regard to individual retirement and savings needs and behaviours. “Through this contribution, we will gain more insight into Quebecers’ needs so we can develop meaningful financial literacy solutions for them.”

The remaining $250,000 will be earmarked for a professorship in entrepreneurial education research. “One of the main purposes of this professorship will be to cultivate a better understanding of the value creation space in the entrepreneurial process. We will be focusing on behaviours that underpin decision-making during times of uncertainty,” said the designated holder of the research professorship, Jean-François Harvey, Associate Professor at the  Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.