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Retirement planning program

Hydro-Québec's retirement planning program is open to employees who are 50 or older upon registration. The program tells participants and their spouses more about the company pension plan, the financial means they'll have when they retire and the steps they'll have to take.

From September 2016 to December 2018, more than 2,047 plan members participated in the program. Since 2019, the program has also covered the psychological and social aspects of retirement thanks to a collaboration between Caisse Desjardins Hydro and Cégep Marie-Victorin.

The 2-day training program is held only in French, in a dozen cities throughout Quebec, from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday.

Learn more about the program and sign up - External link. This link will open in a new window.

Caisse Desjardins Hydro is an approved retirement-planning training provider, so you can claim up to $300 in training costs.

To learn more about requesting a reimbursement, log into Hydro-Québec's intranet site and go to Mon espace personnalisé > Espace RH > Rémunération et avantages sociaux > Retraite > Départ à la retraite > Préparation à la retraite.

Tax information

The following tax tables will help you determine the amount of provincial and federal taxes you'll have to pay per chunk of regular taxable income. They'll also help you determine the marginal tax rate that you'll have to pay on dividend income.

View the 2024 tax table (in French only, PDF, 95 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

View the 2023 tax table (in French only, PDF, 14 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

View the 2022 tax table (in French only, PDF, 99 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

View the 2021 tax table (in French only, PDF, 25 KB) - This link will open in a new window.

Forms and useful links

The following forms and resources will help you plan your retirement.