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About the caisse


As a cooperative financial group contributing to the development of communities, we give our members and clients the support they need to be financially empowered.


Caisse Desjardins de Drummondville is your financial partner in the Drummondville region. We stand out for our:

  • Human-centred approach
  • Involvement in the community
  • Professional, personalized and accessible support
  • Cooperative community leadership


The caisse promotes Desjardins's values by:

  • Putting money at the service of human development
  • Encouraging members to participate in the caisse's democratic life
  • Applying integrity and rigour when making decisions
  • Being actively involved in the community's socioeconomic development
  • Fostering the engagement of our members, employees and directors
  • Cooperating with other components of Desjardins Group
We're building Desjardins, one commitment at a time.