Mark Brissett, Property and Casualty Insurance Agent

Mark Brissett, Property and Casualty Insurance Agent (1 min 46 s)

Added on June 1, 2012


P&C insurance agents respond to members' needs concerning property (automobile and housing) and casualty insurance. They advise members and provide quotes for insurance policy sales.


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Mark Brissett, Property and Casualty Insurance Agent (1 min 46 s)

Added on June 1, 2012 | Desjardins Group

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Mark Brissett: Okay. I've always enjoyed being around people from as early as I can remember.

[On-screen text: sociable]

Mark Brissett: Being involved in competitive sports, playing soccer particularly. Meeting different people from different cultures and backgrounds. I still do believe, even today, that it's a benefit for me and the job that I'm doing now.

[On-screen text: communication]

Mark Brissett: The strengths that are important for the job of course, being a good communicator, being an active listener and just being an ordinary, nice person.

[On-screen text: Mark Brissett P&C Insurance Agent]

[Image: Shots of Mark Brissett in an open-concept office]

Mark Brissett: I'm a P&C Insurance agent at Desjardins.

Mark Brissett: What my job entails is servicing clientele for auto and home insurance.

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Mark Brissett: Setting up their policies, and once they're bound, having to service, maybe make an address change, add a location to an existing home policy, basically servicing the client's needs.

[On-screen text: Post Secondary, General Insurance Agent]

Mark Brissett: What's needed for this job? High school or post-secondary education, relevant working experience of course and also a general insurance agent's licence. Desjardins is a great place to work. Great people; great leadership. I love the environment, the atmosphere. Working with people. And people are calling because they have a need; a need that requires an insurance professional to accommodate that. And because of that I take my role very seriously. It's just a wonderful place—a culture of excellence, a culture of growth. It's just second to none.

[On-screen text: Her talent is what moves us forward]

[On-screen text: Your talent is what moves us forward]

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