Advertising (1 min 14 s)

Added on August 19, 2013


Many ads make false promises. Could you recognize them?

Advertising (1 min 14 s)

Added on August 19, 2013 | Desjardins Group

The all-new V- FORCE sneakers will make you the fastest runner in the universe! Guaranteed!

When I wear V- FORCE shoes, I feel much faster and more popular!

V-FORCE. Feel it. Live it. V- FORCE!

Hold on a sec! Something's wrong here.

You should always watch out, because some commercials try to make you want things you don't really need.

Here are a few examples:

First off, the ad tried to make us believe that V- FORCE shoes make you faster.

But that just isn't true! Word to the wise: your shoes can't make you faster. It's a false promise.

Second, the ad tried to make you think that buying those shoes would give you more friends.

That's not true either! Your shoes don't make you popular.

Third, all those bright colours on the shoebox are specially designed to catch your eye.

Be aware!

Of course, not every commercial makes false promises. But at the next commercial break, make sure you watch out for these strategies.