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Protection of personal information

At Desjardins Insurance, your privacy is invaluable. That's why we take the protection and confidentiality of personal information you entrust us with very seriously.

To get access to your personal information, make a correction request or to obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy, please visit or contact us.

Secured transactions

You can access secured transactions related to the insurance policies you bought from Desjardins Insurance. The general insurance operations carried out in the secured mode are protected; however, while we use the best security measures available, there is always a risk that your information may be disclosed through no fault on our part.

Any transaction pertaining to general insurance carried out with the online services offered on the Internet by Desjardins Insurance is recognized as being performed by the actual policyholder; it is therefore up to you to make sure that you are the only person who knows your user ID and password.

When performing an operation related to your general insurance, we recommend that you carefully read the directives relative to the processing of your application.

If you believe that an error has occurred in the information concerning your general insurance policies, please contact us.

Transmitting material to us

Desjardins Insurance is not responsible for any damages resulting from the interception, loss of or modification of any email you have sent.

We would like to remind you that information sent by email is not secure. We recommend that you take care to not include confidential information, such as your policy number, personal information, etc., when sending emails.

Site content

This site is intended to inform our clients and the public concerning our products and services. The information it contains is subject to the conditions of the relevant contracts. Please refer to your insurance policies to learn about the exact extent of your coverage, limits, deductibles, conditions and limitations that specifically apply to you.

We go to great lengths to keep the information on this site updated; however, we cannot guarantee its completeness, accuracy or correctness at all times. When in doubt or to advise us of an inaccuracy, you should contact us.

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Availability of products and services

Not all of the products or services described on this site are available in all provinces. You may not be eligible for all products and services and we reserve the right to determine such eligibility as permitted by law. Where noted, certain products or services may be subject to specific terms, conditions, representations or agreements. The portions of this site related to such products and services provide additional information about terms, conditions, representations, agreements, eligibility and availability.

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