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6. Statement on financial information and advice

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7. Changes made to the Service

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9. Warranties

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10. Trademarks

Desjardins Securities, the Desjardins Securities logo, Disnat, the Disnat logo, along with trademarks, all other logos and existing or future Desjardins Securities product/service names, are registered trademarks belonging to Desjardins Securities (collectively "Desjardins Securities Trademarks"). It is prohibited to use or otherwise disseminate Desjardins Securities Trademarks in any way without the express authorization of Desjardins Securities.

11. Miscellaneous

The use of some Desjardins Securities services may require compliance with additional or specific rules, conditions, provisions or guidelines that will be set forth in a separate agreement. Such rules and guidelines will be considered an integral part of these Terms of Use. In the event of any disagreement or confusion between the Terms of Use and the separate agreement, the latter will prevail.

12. Regulation 24-101 Trade Matching and Settlement

Trade-Matching Statement

To: All trade-matching parties providing trade orders to, acting on behalf of, or executing a trade with: DESJARDINS SECURITIES INC

This Trade-Matching Statement is being provided in accordance with Regulation 24-101 – "Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement" and Companion Policy 24-101CP [the "Regulation"]. It applies to all trades that are subject to the Regulation.

We confirm that we have established, maintain, and enforce policies and procedures designed to achieve matching in accordance with the Regulation.

Trade-Matching Statement (PDF, 255 KB)