How the Interac verification service protects your privacy

We've developed new measures to ensure all our members' personal and financial information remains protected.
For more information about these measures and to stay informed of any updates, see how protecting your personal information is our priority.

The Interac verification service uses strong security protocols to prevent third parties from identifying you and from accessing or misusing your information.

  1. The app uses your banking information to help verify your identity quickly and securely.
  2. Your consent is required for each request and you choose where, when and why your details are shared with service providers.
  3. Your encrypted information is made available in real time and shared directly from your connections once you approve it. No personal information is copied or stored on the Interac verification service mobile app.
  4. The Interac verification service safeguards your privacy by using blockchain technology. Learn more about blockchain technology.

More information on protecting your privacy