Rates - Student loans

See the rates for Desjardins student financing products: lines of credit, credit cards and government guaranteed student loans.

Current rates on April 13, 2024

Express service for members only

The Student Advisory Centre gives students access to an express service to:

  • get a line of credit available in 45 minutes or more
  • get a credit card fast if you’re a full-time university student

Call us at 1-800-667-7972.

Student lines of credit

Line of credit Rate
Student Advantage 8.20%
Student STRATEGIC between 6.95% and 8.20%

Student credit cards

Card Interest rate
Student Cash Back Visa 19.90%
Odyssey Gold Visa 20.90%

Food for thought

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Government loan and bursary program

Find answers to all your questions about the loan and bursary programs, rates or repayment terms.

Visit the Aide financière aux études site