Yield - Government of Canada bonds Canada Savings Bonds

View the rates for Canada Savings Bonds at redemption. They were discontinued starting November 1, 2017.

Rates at market close on May 21, 2024

These bonds cannot be acquired as they are not traded on the market. The posted yields are for reference only and are used to calculate certain business loans.

Yield of fixed-term bonds (generic)

Term Yield
1 year 4.53%
2 years 4.13%
3 years 3.84%
4 years 3.66%
5 years 3.56%
6 years 3.57%
7 years 3.57%
8 years 3.58%
9 years 3.58%
10 years 3.57%

Source: Bloomberg

Comments: This chart presents the rates for Canada Savings Bonds for which the real maturity is the number of years indicated in the above column. Some sites indicate rates for Canada Savings Bonds according to benchmarks. These rates are valid for the remaining term of the issue. As a result, they could have different terms and, consequently, different rates.