Voice authentication service

Privacy policy

This section details how we collect, use, store and protect your personal information when you sign up for the voice authentication service to access your Desjardins accounts.

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What is a voice authentication service and what are its advantages?

This technology helps us confirm your identity more quickly and efficiently when you call us, and provides you with a more secure way to use our services and access your accounts.

This service uses biometric voice recognition, which can prevent others from using your identity and connecting to your accounts.

The voice authentication service is optional. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

How does the service work?

After you sign up for the voice authentication service, we'll record a short sample of your voice.

This proven technology will pinpoint unique characteristics in the way you speak, such as your pitch, language and speech patterns. It will then use a mathematical formula to create a unique identifier for your voice. This identifier is a unique code made up of a series of numbers and letters which can be used only to identify your voice. Your voiceprint is then encrypted and securely stored in a database within Canada.

Once you're set up, whenever you call us, our phone system will confirm who you are by comparing your voice to your voiceprint and by checking details about the device and phone number that you're contacting us from. This lets us know it's really you calling. You'll then be able to speak to one of our agents or use our self-serve features.

If we have trouble identifying you with voice authentication, an advisor will confirm your identity using our other secure authentication methods. We can also delete your voiceprint and record a new one, if need be.

How we use your voiceprint

Your voiceprint is used only to confirm your identity when you call a Desjardins client relations centre.

It can only be accessed by the following people:

  • Desjardins employees who need to access your voiceprint to carry out their work
  • Service providers who need to access your voiceprint to carry out their work on behalf of Desjardins and to meet their contractual obligations toward us
  • Anyone who's allowed to access your voiceprint by law

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How do I withdraw my consent for the voice authentication service?

You can withdraw your consent to be identified using your voiceprint at any time. If you do so, you'll no longer be able to use the voice authentication service unless you sign up for it again. Consequently, our advisors will have to use other methods to confirm your identity when you call us.

If you withdraw your consent, we'll deactivate your voiceprint but may securely store it for a limited time, in compliance with laws that apply to Desjardins.

Call 1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737) to withdraw your consent.

  1. This policy applies only to members and clients who have signed up for the voice authentication service. Last update: May 10, 2021