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Student STRATEGIC Line of Credit

A line of credit that makes your life easier

The Student STRATEGIC Line of Credit makes your life easier and lets you focus on your studies. Exclusively for full-time Quebec university students in specific fields of study1.

  • Enjoy a low interest rate between 3.45% and 4.95% during your studies.
  • Get a credit limit high enough to meet the substantial financial needs related to your field of study.
  • Quickly access your funds through your student account.

Line of credit features you’ll like the most

Low interest rate during your studies

Minimum repayment during your studies

Accessible through your student account

Overdraft protection

For just a few dollars a month2, you can also take care of:

  • your tuition or internship fees
  • the purchase of school supplies (books, equiment, etc.)
  • the purchase of computer equipment (laptop, peripherals, software, etc.)
  • your living and transportation expenses (the purchase of a car can also be eligible in some instances)

Interest rate

  • Low interest rate between 3.45% and 4.95% during your full-time studies
  • After graduating: low rate

Amount available

  • Credit limit based on your financial needs and your field of study.
  • The amount available may increase gradually, according to your needs.


  • Option to defer the first repayment up to 12 months after completing your studies.
  • Pay off your loan at any time during your studies without being charges extra fees.
  • Loan terms: up to 15 years after graduating.

Access to funds


  • Life insurance from Desjardins Insurance is available to protect your line of credit.

    Learn more about Line of Credit Insurance.

More information

  1. Subject to credit approval by the caisse. Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Quebec or Ontario. In Ontario, the annual percentage rate (APR) is equal to the posted interest rate, assuming that there are no additional charges applicable to the loan. The APR may be different if there are fees. Does not apply to Accord D financing.
  2. For full-time students: Only interest on the borrowed principal is payable monthly. Credit charges begin to apply upon payment of each cash advance and are calculated daily on the amount spent. There are no membership fees and a monthly account statement is sent to the member if the balance is negative. Rates are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change without previous notice. Examples of monthly credit charges for $1,000: annual credit rate of 4%: $3.40; annual credit rate of 5%: $4.20; annual credit rate of 6%: $5.10. Credit charges do not include insurance charges. Some conditions apply.

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