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Priority Terra Guaranteed Investment

Focuses on companies committed to the environment

  • Responsible investment
  • Industry and geographic diversification
  • Capital 100% guaranteed at maturity
  • Minimum investment: $1,000

Also available: limited-time offer from July 30th to September 22nd, 2018

This investment is right for you if you want to diversify your portfolio, invest in something you believe in and enjoy potentially higher returns1.

This responsible investment lets you invest in high-performing companies that are committed to the environment. It's made up of organizations from various sectors, excluding tobacco, nuclear and weapons.

To learn more about responsible investing, go to - External link. This link will open in a new window..

For more details about the investment's features, see the fact sheet:

The 15 companies that make up the Priority Terra Guaranteed Investment are actively committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations3. A 4-step analysis (PDF, 199KB) was done on each company.

Our guaranteed investment managers performed a financial analysis and our partner (PDF, 638KB) NEI Investments, performed an environmental analysis.

Company Profile
3M Co

3M designs and manufactures a wide range of products and solutions for five major markets: consumers, electronics and energy, health care, industrial and safety, and signage.

The company has ambitious environmental objectives, including reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and improving its energy efficiency.

Burberry Group PLC

Burberry is a British fashion house specialized in creating luxury clothing and accessories for women, men and children. The company’s environmental objectives and targets include improving the environmental impacts of cotton and cashmere sourcing and leather production, eliminating phthalates to reduce the adverse effects of PVC and increasing the use of renewable energy. It also aims to reduce energy use, water consumption and carbon emissions.

Canadian Tire Corp Ltd

Canadian Tire is a Canadian company founded in 1922. Originally a small business, it became Canada’s most-visited retailer in 2011, with over 1,000 stores and gas stations. To reduce its environmental footprint, Canadian Tire aims to be more energy efficient, use fewer resources, produce less waste and reduce emissions in all its activities. Its sustainability strategy is focused on innovation, which includes developing more environmentally friendly consumer products and sustainable packing and shipping practices.

Cummins Inc

Cummins Inc. designs, manufactures, distributes and services diesel and natural gas engines and engine-related component products. The company has an energy efficiency program. The program focuses on facility improvements, new construction and energy management. Beginning in 2013, the company began incorporating practices and procedures to meet the Energy Management Standard.

Intel Corp.

Intel Corporation is an American multinational technology company. It is one of the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers based on revenue. The company has an environmental management system (EMS) in place. It covers all operations. The company's EMS is certified to the ISO 140014 standard for all its operations. It also has energy efficiency, water management and waste reduction programs in place. Furthermore, the company has an extensive GHG emission reduction program.

Kone OYJ

Kone Oyj, founded in 1910, is an international engineering and service company employing some 43,000 personnel worldwide. The firm is one of the largest manufacturers of elevators and escalators worldwide, and also provides maintenance services and modernization. It is estimated that more than 90% of the company’s activities have received ISO 140014 certification. The company sets environmental objectives and targets. They include reducing its carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Microsoft Corp

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company that primarily develops and sells software and operating systems. Its most well-known products are the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft has implemented objectives and goals for best practices in relation to climate change, which include achieving carbon neutrality and completely eliminating net emissions from its data centres.

Muenchener Rueckver

Munich Re, or Münchener Rück in German, is one of the world's leading reinsurance companies. The Munich-based company has energy efficiency, water management, waste reduction and greenhouse gas reduction programs in place.


NTT DOCOMO Inc. is the top mobile phone operator in Japan. It has an excellent environmental management system, and the majority of its operations are ISO 140014 certified.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is an American multinational company specialized in consumer goods (hygienic and beauty products). It has an environmental management system that covers all its operations.

Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC

Reckitt Benckiser is a British company that manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical and cleaning products. Formed by the 1999 merger between the British Reckitt & Coleman and Dutch Benckiser, it is now the world's top producer of home cleaning products. The company has specifically set out to increase its revenue through more sustainable products.

Rogers Communications Inc

Rogers is one of Canada's biggest telecommunications companies, operating in wireless communications, internet, cable television and mass media. It has a solid environmental program and very high environmental standards for its supply chain.

Royal Bank of Canada

RBC is Canada's biggest chartered bank in terms of assets and market capitalization and one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies. The company has set objectives and deadlines to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Swisscom AG

Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecommunications company. Its environmental performance is outstanding, and it has been generating its own electricity since 2005. It also uses exclusively domestic renewable energy sources.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the largest independent semiconductor foundry. It is an industry leader in water management and efficiency measures. In 2015, it became Taiwan's biggest green energy purchaser.

Priority Terra Guaranteed Investment
Term Fact Sheet Investment Agreement
3 years Fact Sheet - Priority Terra (PDF, 111 KB) Investment Agreement - Priority Terra (PDF, 61 KB)
5 years Fact Sheet - Priority Terra (PDF, 111 KB) Investment Agreement - Priority Terra (PDF, 70 KB)

1. Variable return may be nil at maturity.Your capital is always guaranteed at maturity.

2. The annual maximum rate of return varies based on the term chosen.

3. These companies met the selection criteria as of the investment issue date. Any company to be included in the basket of securities will respect these criteria when selecting.

4. ISO 14001: The ISO 14000 family provides an environmental management framework for companies looking to minimize their environmental impact, comply with the environmental legislation and regulations in effect and constantly improve their environmental performance.

Information on MLGI rates of return is provided for your information only. This information will vary and may be subject to change at any time without notice. Desjardins cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Before investing, you should read the investment agreement, which can be found at In the event of a discrepancy between this site and the investment agreement, the investment agreement will prevail.

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