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All your needs met at your caisse

  • Benefit from the perspective of a caisse advisor and a financial security advisor.
  • Get advice about financial products and life and health insurance as your needs change.
  • Find the best solution for your needs and budget.
  • Determine what coverage you need based on your personal, professional and family situations.
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Why choose Desjardins’s products?

What does a financial security advisor do?

  • Our financial security advisors are life and health insurance specialists.
  • Their job is to make sure individuals and businesses have the coverage they need to protect what matters most.
  • They offer one of the most extensive portfolios of life, health and disability insurance products on the market.
  • They can make changes to your coverage as your needs change.

A typical meeting with a financial security advisor (FSA) involves 4 steps:

  1. Collecting information: Your FSA starts by collecting all of the personal and financial information needed to get a complete picture of your situation. They’ll also ask you about your goals and concerns.
  2. Analyzing your insurance needs: Your FSA reviews your assets and liabilities to determine how much cash you have available in the event of an unforeseen major health issue, disability or death. They’ll also review your existing coverage.
  3. Suggesting a solution: Your FSA will share the results of your insurance needs analysis with you and recommend a solution that addresses all your needs and goals.
  4. Making a decision: Once your FSA has made their recommendation, the decision to buy is up to you—and only you!

When you buy a Desjardins Insurance policy, you’re not only protecting your financial security, you’re also getting peace of mind:

  • You can make changes to your policy as your needs evolve, penalty-free
  • If you lose your job or are unable to work after an accident or illness, we pay your insurance premiums for up to 5 months
  • Your policy automatically comes with basic Travel Insurance for trips of up to 3 days outside your home province.
  • You have access to assistance services at no extra charge as soon as you buy your coverage.

Nobody’s quite like you… and we know it!

Maybe you’ve just started a family or are new to the workforce—whatever your stage of life and however basic your insurance needs, we have an FSA who’s right for you!

We also have a specialized team of FSAs with experience handling more complex needs. Do you have an extensive investment portfolio? An FSA can help you find an insurance solution to maximize your income and minimize your taxes, for yourself and your estate. Are you a business owner? Talk to an FSA about insurance strategies that can help you reduce your exposure to financial risk and maximize your potential earnings.

Meet with a financial security advisor

Make an appointment with a representative today. They’ll assess your financial needs and recommend a solution best-suited to your priorities.

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These coverages are a product of Desjardins Insurance distributed in Quebec through financial security advisors employed by Desjardins Financial Security, Financial Services Firm. Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company.