Access our services despite a disability

Accessibility is Desjardins's raison d'être

Desjardins caisses exist first and foremost to ensure everyone in the community can obtain the financial services they need. Accessibility has not only defined the Group's development throughout the years, but also influenced its priorities.

A democratic organization responsive to its members' needs, Desjardins's focus has always been to make its facilities accessible. Several initiatives have been taken to reduce the obstacles that might prevent members with disabilities from being able to benefit from its services.

Here are a few elements that illustrate Desjardins's on-going commitment to accessibility.

Access to buildings

Every new Desjardins point of service construction and every large point of service renovation project automatically includes features to provide access to people with mobility impairments according to established standards, including parking spaces.

Access to ATMs

The Desjardins network's 2,825 ATMs (2,600 of them in Quebec) are accessible to people with impaired mobility or vision.

Accessible ATMs can be identified by their lower components (keyboard, screen, buttons), a grab bar and shelves that are practical for people with reduced mobility or people of smaller stature, enabling them to safely make transactions. However, members who are unable to use an ATM due to a permanent handicap may carry out their translations at their caisse's teller counter at the same fees as for automated services. Speak to the staff at your caisse to learn more.

All Desjardins ATMs now offer voice-guided systems to help visually impaired, functionally illiterate and elderly people take full advantage of ATMs. By inserting earphones into a jack on the ATM, members can obtain private voice instructions explaining how to use the ATM and guiding them every step of the way through their transactions. This application was developed in collaboration with associations for persons with disabilities.

Access made possible by other payment methods

Many of our online services and solutions allow people with reduced mobility to regain autonomy without compromising security. Here are a few examples:

  • Invoice payments online or by phone
  • Making payments by credit card without having to step out of the house
  • Direct payments and withdrawals
  • Remote cheque deposits
  • Interac e-Transfers

Access to the Desjardins website

In 2003, Desjardins began making its website easier to use by persons with various forms of disabilities. As a result, several Priority 1 and 2 guidelines established by the Web Accessibility Initiative were implemented, ensuring that navigation and presentation are consistent throughout the site. Desjardins plans to continue gradually improving the accessibility of its website.

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