New ATMs

New touchscreen ATMs

Desjardins is introducing a new generation of touchscreen ATMs. A new interface and new functions will make your transactions easier.

New ATMs are being gradually rolled out in the network. Some functions may not yet be available.

Main new features


Simply touch the screen to make transactions, as you would on your mobile device or tablet. Easy!

3 ATM models

To help you make transactions quickly, Desjardins has designed 3 types of ATMs:

Full service with passbook printer

All regular ATM functions are available, including passbook updates.

Full service

All regular ATM functions are available, except passbook updates.


All regular ATM functions are available, except deposits and passbook updates.

No-envelope deposit

No-envelope deposits are available at full-service ATMs with or without passbook printers. This new function enables you to deposit cash and cheques simply, quickly and securely.

How do you make a no-envelope deposit?

  • Insert your cheques and cash in the slot provided. ATMs will accept up to 75 bills and cheques at the same time, in any order. The deposited amount is calculated automatically.
  • Validate the transaction summary onscreen and if necessary, make changes before finalizing.
  • If desired, get a detailed receipt confirming your deposit.

Immediate availability of funds from cash deposits

Funds from cash deposits are available in your account immediately. If you deposit a cheque, a hold may be placed on a portion of the amount.

Frequently asked questions