From March 25 to April 25, 2024

Caisse annual general meetings

We encourage you to attend your caisse’s annual general meeting (AGM) to learn about its achievements and go over its financial results.

Vote online

Log in to AccèsD to view details of your caisse's AGM. Once the AGM is over, you have 4 days to vote on new board members.

Vote on AccèsD

Why attend your caisse's annual general meeting?

To support your diverse needs as best we can, each caisse operates on the "1 member, 1 vote" principle. This means your vote has an impact on the decisions and projects that affect your caisse and community. Participating in your caisse's democratic life shows that you stand by the core values of the cooperative movement, like solidarity and mutual assistance.

Attend the meeting online or in person

Your caisse will choose whether to hold its AGM online, in hybrid mode or in person. Here's what that means for you.

  • Online

    Attend online, using your preferred device.

  • In hybrid mode

    Participate online or in person at the location chosen by your caisse.

  • In person

    Take part in person at the location chosen by your caisse.

How do caisse annual general meetings work?

All members are invited to their caisse's AGM.

At the general meeting, the board of directors reviews the past year and presents the following points:

  • Highlights
  • Caisse financial results

Generally speaking, members at an AGM can:

  • Elect members to the board of directors
  • Adopt or make changes to caisse bylaws

2 ways to vote

Once the AGM is over, you have 4 days to log in to AccèsD to vote on new board members. You can vote on AccèsD or at voting terminals available at your caisse.

Learn more about your cooperative


At an AGM, members can learn more about the caisse's achievements and have a say in its priorities.

In addition to annual general meetings, caisses may hold special general meetings to decide on important issues such as caisse mergers.

All members are invited to attend their caisse’s AGM. However, members must be at least 18 to vote and meet certain requirements, such as being a member of the caisse for at least 90 days before the date of the meeting.

Caisse AGMs are held every year, no later than 120 days following the end of the previous fiscal year. Members are invited to attend 20 days before the general meeting takes place.

Although members aren't required to attend or vote at their caisse's AGM, we strongly encourage you to attend, voice your opinion and help shape your caisse's decisions and priorities.

Depending on the profitability of your caisse's operations, surplus earnings can be distributed as member dividends.

Learn more about member dividends

Yes, if your caisse's AGM is in virtual or hyrid mode. Recordings are available for 3 months. You'll find the link under General meetings and financial results on your caisse's website.

Find your caisse’s website

  1. You can vote on who will be elected to the board of directors if your caisse holds an election.