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La Mouche Rose


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About the organization

La Mouche Rose aims to provide an alternative to highly toxic insecticides by raising and releasing sterile, pink-tinted flies that mate with wild onion flies. This crossbreeding helps to gradually reduce wild fly populations and prevent them from decimating dry and green onion crops. This solution is safer not only for the environment but also for the health of onion farmers and their communities.

Goal of the project

To contribute to a healthier environment across Canada by raising and exporting genetically engineered onion and cabbage flies to be used as an alternative to chemical pesticides.

Photos of La Mouche Rose

A hand emptying a brown paper bag full of pink flies into a field
A pink fly on a yellow flower
A pink fly on a plant leaf
An agricultural field with straight rows of green plants receding into the distance
A thick swarm of pink flies

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