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Groupe TAQ


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About the organization

Groupe TAQ is a social economy organization that provides good, stable jobs to people with disabilities. Its factory employs over 300 people, most of whom live with functional limitations.

Goal of the project

To create more jobs for people with disabilities in work environments that are adapted to their abilities. To launch the Ma Serre à moi project in the Quebec City area, which aims to give the community access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and enable people with functional limitations to reach their full potential professionally.

Photos of Groupe TAQ

An employee wearing a hair net, packaging products in a Groupe TAQ warehouse
A headshot of Stéphanie Henry, a Groupe TAQ employee
A sticker that says Property of: Groupe TAQ
Groupe TAQ employees applauding
Gabriel Tremblay, General Manager of Groupe TAQ, with his hand on employee Bruno Paquette's shoulder, as they both smile
A group of employees wearing hair nets, gloves and blue aprons, each giving two thumbs up

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