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About the organization

AgrÉcoles brings food production into the classroom by teaching kids where food comes from and how it's transformed. Through an educational approach integrated into the school curriculum, students go in the field to learn about the food production cycle, from farm to fork. Giving kids the opportunity to explore their environment helps them make healthier lifestyle choices and understand the fragile balance that exists within our ecosystem.

Goal of the project

To make AgrÉcoles a province-wide school project, so that kids can expand their knowledge of the food production process and become advocates for the environment.

Photos of AgrÉcoles

A headshot of Julia Grenier, the director of AgrÉcoles
Hands picking a gourd from a vegetable patch
A young boy wearing a straw hat, in a vegetable garden
Five kids smiling as they stand next to a variety of vegetables laid out in bins on the grass, in their school's vegetable garden
A group of young kids leaning over a planter box in the school's vegetable garden

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