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Desjardins Business - Estrie

Desjardins Business - Estrie

Transit: 50700-815
2207, rue King Ouest
Bureau 400
Sherbrooke, Québec
J1J 2G2
Phone: 819-821-2201 or 1-866-821-2201
Fax: 819-821-1077

You would like to:

Desjardins Business - Estrie houses specialists who are able to meet all your corporate financial needs.

You get:

  • business solutions customized for every entrepreneur's specific needs
  • the judicious advice of experts who are very familiar with your industry
  • the quality of Desjardins services and access to a vast pool of resources

Our flexible and efficient approach makes all the difference.

What is a sector caisse?

A sector caisse brings together members based on their job type or business sector. Learn more about sector caisses.

We are committed to quality!

Desjardins Business - Estrie aims to satisfy its members with a superior and comprehensive service offer.

That's why our professionals are committed to giving you all their attention and quickly suggesting solutions.

Together, you will agree on a schedule for the completion of your projects.

This approach encourages a long-lasting partnership and builds a business relationship based on trust.

Desjardins Business - Estrie: your key partner in business!