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Desjardins Business - Lanaudière

Desjardins Business - Lanaudière

Transit: 00755-815
551, rue Louis-Blériot
Mascouche, Québec
J7K 3C1
Phone: 450-585-1020 or 1-888-959-1159
Fax: 450-585-7018

You would like to:

Desjardins Business - Lanaudière houses specialists who are able to meet all your corporate financial needs.

You get:

  • business solutions customized for every entrepreneur's specific needs
  • the judicious advice of experts who are very familiar with your industry
  • the quality of Desjardins services and access to a vast pool of resources

Our flexible and efficient approach makes all the difference.

What is a sector caisse?

A sector caisse brings together members based on their job type or business sector. Learn more about sector caisses.

Partnering with entrepreneurs

The Desjardins Business - Lanaudière team is a key player in the economic development of the Lanaudière region. Supported by a capable and motivated multidisciplinary management team, each employee is a top priority of our organization. They share their expertise with entrepreneurs in the Lanaudière region and are dedicated to creating wealth in our business community. Each member of our team works together toward achieving a single goal: supporting entrepreneurs in pursuing their projects.