Savings and investment


The future belongs to those who start saving early

Paying for a trip, car, home or a comfortable retirement: anything is possible if you are well informed and plan properly.

This section contains all the information you need to grow your savings and make your dreams a reality. From the stock markets to retirement savings and basic knowledge of taxation, you can rely on action plans and wise advice to make winning decisions.

3-step savings plan

Saving: easy to say, not so easy to do

True, putting money aside requires a firm commitment and constant effort. But it also pays off and is very reassuring. How to acquire the means to carry out your plans, in 3 steps.

Managing your own portfolio

Investing: a matter of rigour, discipline and patience

Do you have what it takes to be a self-directed investor? To find out, see how comfortable you are by trying a 5-step exercise.

Planning your retirement at 50

Your plans and quality of life

You're in your early fifties. You know you have less and less time to retirement. Here are some steps that will help you reach your goals.

How to establish your budget at retirement

Your retirement income and needs

Here is a plan of action to implement to assess your financial needs and identify your retirement priorities and plans to help you develop the framework for your retirement savings strategy.

Saving for your vacation

A little planning, willpower … and saving

Planning a trip? Take the time to find out where you stand financially and acquire the means to travel with peace of mind.

What you need to know about investments

Your investments earn more than your savings

Although any investment inevitably includes risks (big or small), the thing to remember is that, when you invest, your investments will earn more than they will as savings. Before making any hasty decisions, engage in a 4-step investment process.

Planning your retirement at 40

Formulate your retirement savings strategy

Does it seem too early to start planning for your retirement? By tackling it now, you'll have time on your side. Here are some actions that could provide a big pay-off.

What you need to plan 6 months before retirement

More than just a few details to settle

Retirement is just steps away. You'll need to spend the next few months dealing with the details of your well-earned retirement. To do so, take the steps suggested below.

Saving to buy a car

Do not sacrifice quality of life for a car

Does buying a car automatically mean going into debt or is there another approach?

Saving for your child's education

Rising tuition costs

How can you contribute to your child's future success without jeopardizing family finances or challenging the merits of higher education? Take these 3 steps.

Our tips

The first steps to investing

Do you have some savings that you're thinking about investing? Some basic information to help you start off on the right foot.

Retirement, RRSPs and TFSAs

Contributing to an RRSP and TFSA to plan your retirement is a good thing. Capitalizing on all of these registered plans' benefits is even better! Here are some strategies for benefiting from your retirement savings.

Guide to the stock exchange

Do you have mutual funds? Are you thinking about investing on your own? Are you the bond, stock or option type? These tips will give you access to financial security markets.