Step 5 - Transfer plan

The Desjardins business transfer plan is based on open discussions between you and your immediate family, exchanges between you and the experts you work with and complete support ensured by our business transfer experts.

The plan is an essential tool designed to facilitate the transfer process and create winning conditions for what will very likely be a once-in-a-lifetime project.

Transfer process steps

The following steps and tools will allow you to easily carry out your transfer plan:

1. Strategic plan

This plan is an essential work tool for business transferors, buyers, advisors and lenders. It plays a key role in ensuring continued business development.

The Strategic business development plan tool gives you an overview of your business's needs and allows you to determine business development priorities.

2. Forming a team of expert advisors

We suggest that you list the advisors who will support and guide you and who understand both your company and the related human and interpersonal issues.

The Standard list of advisors (List of Advisors) tool helps you determine who your advisors will be and what support they will bring you, and helps promote teamwork to make your business transfer a collective endeavour.

3. Property transfer plan

The property transfer plan relies on sound tax and estate planning to ensure a fair division among heirs and a worry-free retirement.

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4. Project financing plan

To finance a business transfer, a buyer and seller can come to an agreement on a financing package made up of various sources of financing. Such an agreement must be based on informed decisions that take into account the available products, the characteristics of the business and its projects.

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5. Authority transfer plan

Knowledge is also a form of power. As an owner, you must have discussions with your successors to impart your strategic knowledge of the various business activities and characteristics with respect to competition, the market, customers, suppliers, lenders, technology, etc.

The Powers and knowledge transfer (Transfer of Knowledge and Authority) tool helps you understand and determine what knowledge and authority you need to transfer and how to do so.

6. Succession training plan

Succession training and development plans help successors acquire the technical, administrative, management, personal skills and competencies to meet the needs of the business, assume management functions and meet the demands of being a business owner.

The Skills and abilities valued in the successor (Skills and Competencies Required for Successors) tool is a planning guide designed to help you identify the qualification and competencies you are seeking in a successor and determine his or her future training needs.

7. Communication structure

Developing tools to facilitate dialogue and reflection with the goal of generating open discussion and the creation of a decision-making and conflict resolution structure is essential.

The Establishing an effective communication framework (For an Effective Communication Structure) tool helps you optimize your communication processes, work better as a team and preserve family harmony.

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