Accord D retail financing

What if all your clients had the means…

  • Financing program that inspires confidence
  • Associated with a Desjardins card, a major credit card
  • More than 45 plans available, depending on your offer
  • Available to all customers
  • Beneficial for you and your customers


Do you want to set yourself apart from the competition? Do you want to increase sales and offer the best to your customers? Meeting their needs, while simplifying the management of your business remains the key to your success.

Thanks to Accord D financing, your clients take advantage of your products and services immediately and pay at a later date or in equal monthly instalments.

  • Make your customer's buying decision easier.
  • Offer a variety of plans to pay later or by equal monthly instalments
  • Promote repeat sales thanks to the Desjardins credit card.
  • Eliminate customer late payments.
  • Reduce your collection efforts in case of non payment.
  • Receive the full payment in your account in less than 48 hours.
  • Financing applications are processed within a few seconds for Desjardins credit cardholders.
  • Financing applications are processed in less than 15 minutes for non-Desjardins credit cardholders.
  • Financing applications are sent online fast with the Creditwave tool provided free of charge.
  • Count on our high acceptance rate.
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • No-penalty capital reimbursement at any time
  • Interest calculated from payment, not from purchase date
  • A financing offer that inspires confidence
  • Simplify your customer's personal finances: 2 limits, a single credit card, one statement, one single monthly payment
  • Quick access to in store financing
  • Pleasant financing experience that promotes repeat sales
  • Visibility for your business on the Desjardins site:
  • Credit services and customer service available during your business hours
  • Accord D Desjardins promotional materials provided at no charge
  • Business development advisor assigned to your business

Learn more about Accord D retail financing (PDF, 179 KB).