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Term Savings

Grow your money worry-free

  • Capital 100% guaranteed
  • Terms :
    • 30-day to 5-year terms (online requests)
    • 30-day to 10-year terms (in-caisse requests)
    • Fixed interest rate, guaranteed until maturity

It's ideal if you want:

  • security
  • competitive returns
  • regular income

As the saying goes, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!"

Interest rate

  • Fixed
  • Based on the term selected
  • Guaranteed for the full term1

See current rates

Minimum deposit

  • $1,000
  • $5,000 for terms of less than 1 year
  • $1,000 for 20-month convertible term savings


Gives you a competitive return on your savings


  • Also available in U.S. dollars. Deposits in U.S. dollars are not covered under deposit insurance by the Autorité des marchés financiers or the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario.
  • Learn more about deposit insurance (FAQ).
  • Savings-life insurance available.
  • Entitles you to any member dividends your caisse may pay.

Guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) are guaranteed by the Autorité des marchés financiers or the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation, depending on the applicable jurisdiction. Canadian dollar deposits are guaranteed up to $100,000, including accrued interest, per person and per institution.

Learn more about GICs (PDF, 667,5 KB).

1. If investment is held until maturity.

  • Stable and secure: your capital and interest are guaranteed
  • Peace of mind: no matter how the financial markets perform, you know what your return will be right from the start
  • Predictable: it's easy to plan your budget because the income is paid to you regularly

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Term Savings
As of September 22, 2018
1 year
3 years
5 years

Minimum deposit: $1,000 (outside of RRSP)

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