Loan Insurance

Loan insurance

Protect your business

Keep your business running if you need time off to look after your health.

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Why take out Loan insurance?

Regardless of your company’s size, type or industry, Loan insurance will:

  • help you make your business loan payments
  • protect your business in case of death or disability

So everything you’ve worked so hard to build can keep running smoothly.

How does it work?

Eligible company members have access to 2 types of coverage:

  • Life insurance, which will pay off the balance of the loan
  • Disability insurance, which will make payments on the loan

Life insurance:

  • The insured portion of the loan will be paid off, up to $10 million per person.

Disability insurance

  • The insured portion of the instalment payments will be paid, up to $10,000 per month, per person.
  • In case of disability due to cancer, payments will be made from the first day of disability.

3 services included

  • Psychological Assistance: confidential support from a psychologist to help you through difficult times
  • Legal Assistance: information about your rights and options to help you resolve legal problems
  • Convalescence Assistance – Case Management: telephone assistance from a team of healthcare specialists and assistance coordinators while you recover

To take out Loan insurance, you must:

  • live in Canada
  • be a director, officer, owner or guarantor of the business
  • be 69 or under (for the life insurance coverage)
  • be 64 or under and have the life insurance coverage (for the disability insurance coverage)

Premiums are charged as an additional interest rate applied to the balance of your loan. This rate varies based on:

  • the type(s) of coverage you choose
  • the insurance percentage(s) you choose
  • the number of people being insured, their age, their sex and whether or not they smoke
  • the amount of the loan

We offer a discount for having both life and disability insurance.

The premium is adjusted automatically as the loan balance decreases.

For a full list of conditions, consult the insurance policy available at your caisse or refer to the:

Legal notice

The information on this site is intended to help you understand the product by providing a simple, clear summary of the nature and conditions of the insurance. Only the policy and the insurance application will be used to settle legal disputes. Refer to the insurance policy for a full list of terms and conditions.

Customer service


Online: Claim form External link. Opens in a new window.

By phone: 1-877-338-8928 This link will launch your default phone software.

At a caisse: Make an appointment with an advisor

Assistance services

For psychological, legal or convalescence assistance, call 1-877-477-3033 This link will launch your default phone software.