Line of Credit Insurance

Don't be caught off guard!

  • Line of credit coverage in the event of death or disability
  • Easy enrolment process; no middleman
  • Insurance amounts determined based on your needs
  • Benefits paid regardless of the balance on the line of credit
  • No exclusions regarding the type of work


With Line of Credit Insurance, you get:

  • Minimum line of credit of $10,000
  • Coverage that allows you to make your business line of credit payments in the event of death or disability
  • A choice of 2 coverages: life insurance and disability insurance
  • Disability benefits that can be paid for up to 60 months
  • Coverage that's offered to eligible company members, regardless of the size or type of business or industry
  • Provides free access to certain telephone assistance services:
    • Psychological Assistance
    • Convalescence Assistance
    • Legal Assistance


To learn more about Line of Credit Insurance, check out the Participant's Guide (PDF, 839 KB) - This link will open in a new window.. It contains everything you need to know about the product, including conditions, terms, exclusions and restrictions.

Exclusions and restrictions

Some exclusions and restrictions apply. For a complete list, see the Line of Credit Insurance Participant's Guide (PDF, 839 KB) - This link will open in a new window. or visit your caisse or Desjardins Business centre to consult the insurance policy.

Legal notice

The information appearing on this site summarizes the terms and conditions of this insurance and has no contractual value. It's intended to be clear and simple, so you can easily understand the product.

Only the policy and insurance application will be used to settle legal disputes. The insurance policy contains all the terms and conditions of this coverage.


Opening a line of credit for your business and taking out Line of Credit Insurance? Here's an example to help illustrate the coverages and cost.

You decide to open a $65,000 line of credit for your business, with monthly payments of $750. You also decide to take out life insurance for $65,000, the same amount as the total line of credit, and disability insurance in the amount of $750 a month.

If you die, Desjardins Financial Security (DFS) will repay the balance of your line of credit. Any surplus will be paid into your chequing account.

If you become totally disabled, DFS will pay you $750 per month for the duration of your disability, up to a maximum of 60 monthly payments per disability period.

If you take out Line of Credit Insurance on March 12, your first 2 premiums will be withdrawn from your chequing account on April 12.

Subsequent premiums will be withdrawn on the 12th of every month. If a premium rate change is triggered during the insurance year because you'll be entering a new age group, you'll receive a notification about 2 months before your birthday.