Partner companies and cooperatives

Whether your business is operating in a rapidly growing sector of the economy or in a more traditional sector, your development plans interest us.

Our investment managers are familiar with the industrial, manufacturing and service sectors in their regions.

Our services include a wide range of expertise in finance, business management, as well as mergers and acquisitions. We structure expansions, mergers and buyouts by existing management or new management teams.

We are seeking companies that specifically offer a competitive product, advanced production technology, strong foreseeable growth and a reasonable horizon for liquidity.

See the list of businesses in which we have invested.

Our staff specializing in the information technology and telecommunications fields possess an excellent knowledge of technology as well as a very diversified and complementary set of strengths. They offer a strong value added at the levels of marketing, product development, management of liquidities, seeking of financing, as well as pertinent experience to execute mergers and acquisitions and exit strategies.

We are seeking high potential companies possessing an innovative technology, a clear competitive advantage, an ability to make alliances and offering solutions for international markets.

See the list of businesses in which we have invested.

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