Projects supported

The types of projects supported may vary according to businesses' growth phase and target market development, as long as they generate growth and profits.

  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Expansion and modernization
  • Management buyout
  • Business transfer and buyout
  • Innovation
  • Development of cooperatives
  • Increasing working capital

To evaluate the possibility of a partnership, contact one of our professionals.

Since business transfers involve many steps and can last several years, the availability of informed advice throughout the process is essential. With financing expertise honed by countless transfers, our professionals can support and guide you through this crucial transition period.

In analyzing your financial needs, our professionals will complete the preparation of a conventional financing package via development capital, as equity and quasi-equity. For the buyer, the financial structure will facilitate the acquisition of a top quality business and ensure operational continuity. For the seller, the transaction will strive to maximize sales revenues and avoid adverse tax consequences. Finally, once the deal is signed, our professionals will provide support for a smooth transfer of business activities.

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See Transfer, buy or sell a business.

Desjardins Business Capital régional et coopératif can support business continuity through loans or by taking on a minority or majority shareholder positions. In the case of majority shareholder position in a company buyout, Desjardins Business Capital régional et coopératif invests with the goal of bridging the 2 generations of business owners, the one ready to move on and the one not necessarily ready financially to take over. It can also recommend putting in place worker-shareholder cooperatives, allowing employees, by means of their cooperative, to actively participate in the growth and performance of the company they work for.

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Successfully transferring a farming business requires a careful approach and a lot of preparation for both outgoing farm owners and new farming entrepreneurs. You may decide to do it on your own or get help from industry experts.

Learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs who successfully faced the same challenges. Watch some videos (in French only) of young farmers who chose Desjardins to help them achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

Videos were filmed on location at farms all over Quebec and represent several areas of farming. Enjoy!

Watch videos (in French only).