Government remittances

Use this feature to make quick and secure payments, including source deductions and employer contributions, taxes, personal income taxes, instalment payments as well as provincial and federal remittances and payments.


  • The electronic remittance forms are similar to the paper forms you already use.
  • Option to make immediate payments or schedule them in advance.
  • Refund requests are processed more quickly when they are submitted online.
  • Option to make your government remittances for other Canadian provinces.

Government of Quebec

  • Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (forms TPZ-1015.R.14.1, TPZ-1015.R.14.2, TPZ-1015.R.14.3, TPZ-1015.R.14.4)
  • Income Tax, Tax on Capital or Compensation Paid By a Corporation (forms COZ-1027.R, COZ-1027.S)
  • GST/HST Remittance and Payment (form FPZ-34-V)
  • QST Remittance and Payment (form VDZ-471-V)
  • Combined GST/HST/-QST Remittance and Payment (form FPZ-500)
  • Personal Installment Remittance (for self-employed workers, form TPZ-1026.A)
  • Combined GST/HST/-QST Remittance and Payment (form FPZ-558)
  • Collection of Support Payments (form PPA-101)
  • Summary of Source Deductions and Employer Contributions (form RLZ-1.S)
  • Tax on Insurance Premiums (form VDZ-527)
  • Specific Duty on New Tires (form VDZ-541.49)

Canadian Government

  • Current Source Deductions (forms PD7A, PD7A(TM), PD7A-RB, RC-107)
  • Corporation Income Tax – Interim Payments (forms RC97, RC-98, RC-99, RC-100, RC-160)
  • Corporation Income Tax – Amount Owing (form RC-159)
  • Installment Payments Made by Individuals (for self-employed workers, form INNS3)
  • Source Deductions Arrears Remittance Voucher (form PD7D)
If your company does business in provinces other than Quebec, you can use Can-Act to make remittances to these provinces.

How it works

Step 1:

In the menu on the right, click Payments. Select Government remittances - Desjardins

Step 2:

Select the appropriate form and click on Open.

Step 3:

Fill out the form and click Validate.

Step 4:

Select the frequency, payment date and source account for the withdrawal and click Validate to complete the transaction.

Did you know?

Are you an AccèsD Affaires user? You can use the Clic Revenu Payments (clicSÉCUR) - External link. This link will open in a new window. service to fill out certain income tax forms on the Revenu Québec site and then pay the balance on AccèsD Affaires.