Direct withdrawal

Collect money directly from your clients

  • Money collected from your clients on a regular basis
  • Files sent to Desjardins for subsequent processing
  • Withdrawal in Canadian or U.S. currency from any Canadian financial institution


Lets your business or organization collect money directly from their client's accounts on a regular basis.

How it works

You must first obtain your client's consent with a Payer's PAD (Pre-Authorized Debit) Agreement, in keeping with the Payments Canada requirements for pre-authorized debits.

Once your clients have consented, you can have payments withdrawn directly from their account, whether they do business with a Desjardins caisse or another Canadian financial institution.

Amounts are deposited automatically into your chequing account.


  • Money collected in any Canadian financial institution
  • Service available in Canadian or U.S. currency
  • Secure transmission modes for withdrawal files, including AccèsD Affaires
  • Accelerated cash inflows and assurance that payments are made on set date
  • Simple and practical reports
  • Simplified accounts receivable management

Did you know?

Don’t have a DDW file generation tool? Our partner, Technicost, has a solution tailored to your needs.