Inter-Caisses commercial deposits

Make your deposits at another caisse closer to your business

  • Allows you to make deposits at another nearby caisse
  • Deposits made at the teller counter are credited the same day
  • Deposits made at the night deposit are credited the next day
  • You can make deposits at the teller counter, the night deposit or night deposit combined with ATM at an intermediary caisse1.
  • Deposit slips must be filled out and dropped off with the deposit.
  • Negotiables accepted are same as those normally accepted for deposit at your local caisse2 cheques, bills, coins, money orders, drafts, certified cheques and traveller's cheques).
  • Intermediary caisse has no direct access to information about transactions or account balance.
  1. Intermediary caisse: Desjardins caisse where deposits are made.
  2. Local caisse: Desjardins caisse where your primary account (folio) is held.
  • Deposits into a US dollar account
  • Transfers between accounts in the same currency (Canadian or US) at the teller counter
  • If the company has a Business Access Card (debit card), you can print out transaction statements at the ATM