Let's Talk Science helps young people develop critical thinking and creative skills

Given our constantly evolving world, developing critical thinking and creativity in young people is essential to their academic success so that they can become informed citizens. That's why the Desjardins Foundation has chosen to partner with Let's Talk Science, a Canada-wide organization, to continue their efforts to explain science in plain language. The organization aims to help young people reach their full potential, prepare for their future careers and become engaged citizens. It also helps improve youth education and involvement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

A well-established organization

Since 1993, the organization has been offering bilingual programs free of charge to young people from preschool through to the end of high school, in both urban and rural areas. By 2023, 300,000 students across Canada had participated in various Let's Talk Science programs. The success of Let's Talk Science lies in the fact that it's well established in school, community, government and scientific organizations. In addition, it boasts an impressive network of 1,200 volunteers (post-secondary students in a network of 55 universities and colleges across Canada, as well as professionals) who devote more than 20,000 hours of their time to explaining science in plain language to young people across Canada.