Perseverance is in the spotlight this spring!

At the Desjardins Foundation, springtime also heralds our scholarship awards ceremonies, including events with 3 of our partner organizations.

The Fondation Sport-Études awarded 46 scholarships to recognize the hard work and dedication of student athletes at the CEGEP and university levels. These students excel at combining high-performance athletics with full-time studies.

The Educaid PERSEVERA program sponsors secondary 3 students, encouraging them to stay in school until they get their high-school diploma. With the Foundation’s support, 44 teens received scholarships for academic perseverance.

The goal of the Centres de formation en entreprise et récupération (CFER) is to help at-risk youth enter the workforce and become productive members of society by working in centres that function as both schools and businesses specializing in sustainable development. To help the CFER achieve this goal, the Foundation awarded 46 scholarships to young people who exceeded expectations despite the obstacles in their path.