Helping young people make informed decisions for the future with Academos

For young people, finding their path is a key factor in staying motivated at school. That's why the Desjardins Foundation is pleased to renew its commitment to Academos - External link. This link will open a new window. for the next 3 years to help them achieve their mission. The Foundation has been helping Academos introduce young people ages 1430 to the working world for nearly 10 years.

Figuring out what they want in life could help young people overcome their lack of motivation

Motivation is key to persevering and succeeding at school. According to the organization's latest survey on Gen Z's career goals, young people are slightly less motivated to go to school, dropping from 67% in 2022 to 64% in 2023.

An online campaign to promote the organization's services and reassure young people

What's more, supporting young people with school and career counselling can significantly reduce the anxiety they feel when making career choices. With that in mind, the organization launched its new annual campaign - External link. This link will open a new window. in partnership with Desjardins last November. The campaign aims to remind young people that they're not alone in these decisions.