Grand Défi Desjardins: Cycling from Florida to Quebec to support our youth

On June 1, 2022, 15 cyclists will leave Key West in Florida and pedal 3,300 km to Val Saint-François as part of the Grand Défi Desjardins to raise funds for the Desjardins Foundation and support healthy living projects in the region's schools. The group will be accompanied throughout the journey by a team of 5 volunteer drivers, as well as a videographer who will document this wonderful adventure.

The cyclists are individuals who are involved in their community: entrepreneurs, professionals and teachers who believe in our youth's potential. Together, thanks to the extraordinary support of the community, they've raised more than $195,000 to support youth projects in the region.

Their journey will end on June 10 with a celebration at their destination, Tournesol de Windsor high school. Thanks to support from the Grand Défi Desjardins, the school will be able to set up an outdoor classroom where students will be able to learn in a stimulating environment that's different from the traditional classroom.

This is the fifth edition of the Grand Défi Desjardins. Since the first edition, our brave cyclists have raised more than $600,000, which has all been donated to schools.