Help your child choose their courses and career with Academos

We know how hard it can be to make a choice when it comes to finding your dream job. That's why for years we've been proud supporters of Academos, an organization that helps young people and their parents navigate this important stage of life.

A mentoring platform designed to open a dialogue with professionals

Students simply answer a few questions about their interests and then look at the various potential mentor profiles suggested to find one that inspires them. Once they've selected a mentor, they're free to ask them all about what it's like to work in their field.

New content to help parents help their children

This week the organization is launching new content especially for parents. It covers a range of issues to help you get through this important stage in life, including how to help your child navigate from high school to CEGEP, how to manage the stress that comes with choosing a program for your child and what to do if you don't agree with your child's choices. Visit the Academos website*.

Guy Cormier, mentor and honorary sponsor of the organization!

Guy Cormier is committed to helping young people excel at school. He firmly believes in the importance of finding sustainable and innovative solutions to social issues that lead youth to lose interest in or drop out of school. Since he shares Academos's values of innovation, authenticity and collaboration, he jumped at the chance to be the organization's very first sponsor. A future mentee may be pleasantly surprised to see the president of Desjardins listed as a potential mentor!

*Available in French only