CFER, a flexible program for learning in the workplace

Giving young people the chance to meet their full potential requires us to be flexible in our thinking about school. The CFER network - External link. is an association of 24 business schools that's developed a pre-work training program recognized by Quebec's ministry of education for students 15 years and older who won't be getting their degree through traditional programs.

Founded in 1996, the organization works to develop autonomous individuals, committed citizens and productive workers. Their values are the same as the Desjardins Foundation's values. So it made sense for both organizations to join forces to help youth grow and succeed. That's why the Desjardins Foundation has renewed its commitment to the CFER network for the next 2 years.

We're proud to support CFER projects

  • The Sustainable Development Caravans - External link. are mobile presentations where students raise awareness about environmental issues in elementary schools and public places.
  • The CFER Olympiads are held every year. For 3 days, 8 students from each school face off in an exciting competition. It rewards hard work and perseverance.
  • The community involvement projects allow CFER students to become more autonomous by helping others.