2017 Cooperathon: The challenge is on!

What's a Cooperathon, you ask? It's a marathon of cooperation—a competition to find innovative solutions to real issues facing our society.

Three of Desjardins Foundation's partners are taking advantage of this year's Cooperathon to launch a challenge: come up with a unique solution related to education.

To support its partners—and your project—Desjardins Foundation will make a donation to your solution if it's selected.

Here are the challenges set forth by our partners:

  1. Academos
    Create a solution to improve the computer tools that help young people find their dream jobs.
  2. Alloprof
    Create a solution to get kids hooked on reading and encourage students to help each other with their school work.
  3. Fondation Jasmin Roy
    Create a solution that uses technology to help young people develop empathy and promote an inclusive school environment.

Ready to take on the challenge and design innovative solutions?

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