Donate to the Desjardins Foundation

Donate to the Desjardins Foundation

You too can help young people stay in school.
Even a small donation makes a big difference!

When you donate to the Desjardins Foundation, no fees are taken out. 100% of donations are used the following year to give young people the tools they need to stay in school.

How can I donate?

You have 3 options.

How do donations help?

Here are some examples.


Elementary school students received The Emotion Game, an educational game designed to help children understand and express their emotions so they can ultimately adopt positive behaviours in school.


A troubled young person staying at an Auberge du cœur youth shelter received school supplies.


A high school teacher was able to buy cooking ingredients for her class. In addition to learning a few basic cooking techniques, the students developed their self-esteem, built relationships with one another and enjoyed a freshly cooked meal.


Thanks to our partnership with the New Pathways Foundation, a First Nations student received financial assistance to finish high school and earn her diploma.


A student received a scholarship to allow him to achieve his dream. "I feel privileged to have been chosen out of everyone who applied. This scholarship will greatly help me with my schooling. Getting my degree in pre-hospital emergency care is my biggest dream, and now I can achieve it. Thank you for helping make young people's dreams possible."


After winning a #DesjardinsFoundation Prize, a group of elementary school students helped save the bees by building beehives and hotels using ancestral methods. These hives and hotels were then distributed to communities, organizations and events around Shawinigan.