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In 2017, Desjardins Group made its mark through considerable involvement in the communities it serves. Over $82 million was reinvested in the community through philanthropic partnerships, sponsorships, scholarships and bursaries, and support to major projects. That amount includes the caisses' Community Development Funds.

Desjardins Foundation encourages the academic success of a large number of young people from all regions of Quebec and Ontario by awarding scholarships and prizes and financing projects supporting academic perseverance.

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Desjardins is actively involved in the community life of its members and clients by promoting:

  • education and culture
  • cooperative values
  • a healthy lifestyle

We also participate in various projects that reflect our development priorities and our members' concerns.

We support education in many ways, including support for organizations that promote:

  • financial education and security
  • skills development
  • research and innovation
  • economic development

Desjardins Group is active throughout the territory and is a key player in cooperation. We take part in initiatives that promote the cooperative model and personal commitment.

Desjardins funds programs that promote quality of life and the physical and mental well-being of individuals and communities.

We take part in the organization of cultural events to:

  • initiate young people to culture
  • groom new, upcoming artists
  • promote creativity

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Desjardins was built through the regions and, as such, has implemented measures to support their development.

Its democratic structure provides the regions with decision-making power by grouping each region's caisses into 17 councils of representatives. These councils are made up of elected directors and caisse general managers.

The presidents of these 17 councils sit on the Desjardins Group Board of Directors. They are regularly called on to help make decisions that will directly affect the future of their cooperatives and regions.

The councils have decision-making power when it comes to regional business plans, representation in social and economic organizations in their region and granting donations and sponsorships.

Committed to the development and growth of communities, Desjardins Group created a $100 million development fund to support key regional projects in entrepreneurship, business development, and economic and social innovation.

Regional Deconcentration Policy

Desjardins Group's vast distribution network and decentralized regional operations have a direct impact on the vitality of the communities we serve. In 2001, Desjardins adopted a Deconcentration Policy for activities carried out by the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec and its subsidiaries in non-urban regions, which was updated in 2014.

The purpose of this policy is in part to ensure that due consideration is given to the possibility of decentralizing activities initially planned for large urban centres. This decentralization policy resulted in the client care centres in Trois-Rivières, Gaspé and Granby, leading to the creation of hundreds of jobs. It also prompted Desjardins to create 17 regional administrative operations centres rather than concentrating all operations in one urban centre.

Our subsidiaries also contribute to maintaining high-quality jobs in many Canadian regions, such as the human resources activities integrated into State Farm's Canadian operations, a third of which are in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick.

Over the years, Desjardins developed various strategic, philanthropic and charitable partnerships. Through these partnerships, Desjardins stands out as a leader in the sustainable development of communities.

Desjardins intervenes in many areas that reflect its finance and insurance sectors as well as its cooperative ties to the communities. Desjardins partners with many associations, organizations and institutions that drive our collective vitality.

Desjardins' actions are also in line with municipal, provincial and federal governments to improve the leveraging effect of our measures and actions.