Vision, mission and values

Our mission

To contribute to improving the economic and social well-being of people and communities within the compatible limits of its field of activity:

  • by continually developing an integrated cooperative network of secure and profitable financial services, owned and administered by the members, as well as a network of complementary financial organizations with competitive returns, controlled by the members
  • by educating people, particularly members, officers and employees, about democracy, economics, solidarity, and individual and collective responsibility.

Desjardins, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada, inspires trust around the world through the commitment of its people, its financial strength and its contribution to sustainable prosperity.

As an International Co-operative Alliance member, Desjardins shares the same ideals as thousands of cooperatives around the world. These ideals are expressed through a set of values that defined the cooperative identity since the very start.

Fundamental cooperative values

Self-help, self-responsibility and responsibility for others; democracy; equality, equity and solidarity. Cooperative members respect ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Desjardins Group values

Because every cooperative operates in its own sphere of activity, Desjardins, as cooperative financial group, has identified values which guide the decisions and actions of everyone within the organization to ensure that our vision and mission are carried out.

  • Money at the service of human development

    At Desjardins, we think money constitutes a lever for the autonomy and development of people and communities.

    Our members and clients interests are what drive our actions

  • Personal commitment

    By choosing Desjardins, our members, officers and employees contribute to and invest themselves in the development of their cooperative and the entire group.

    Personal commitment is what sustains a cooperative.

  • Democratic action

    At Desjardins, power is exercised democratically, meaning that all members may participate in decisions and orientations in accordance with the "one member one vote" principle.

    Participation is the essence of Desjardins's cooperative nature.

  • Integrity and rigour

    At Desjardins, for the common good, no effort is spared to earn and maintain the trust of our members, clients and partners. This responsibility requires honesty, objectivity, competence and transparency, as well as respect for all regulations and guidelines pertaining to our business and management practices.

    Managing our members and clients assets is something we take seriously.

  • Solidarity with the community

    At Desjardins, we actively participate in the social and economic development of communities in order to help create sustainable prosperity.

    Mutual assistance and understanding are the basis of Desjardins's commitment to individuals and communities.

  • Intercooperation

    At Desjardins, we pool our resources—which is key if we want to do our best to meet the needs of our members and clients. Working together is also necessary to deliver consistent and effective contributions towards community development.

    Being part of cooperative financial group means our caisses and components are joining forces so that together we are stronger.

    Desjardins also celebrates Cooperation Week every year.