Mission and values

Our mission

As a cooperative financial group contributing to the development of communities, we give our members and clients the support they need to be financially empowered.

As an International Co-operative Alliance member, Desjardins shares the same ideals as thousands of cooperatives around the world. These ideals are expressed through a set of values that have defined the cooperative identity from the very start.

Fundamental cooperative values

Self-help, self-responsibility and responsibility for others, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Cooperative members respect ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Desjardins Group values

At Desjardins, our values are linked to our cooperative nature. They guide the decisions of our employees, managers and board members. They help boost engagement and serve as a benchmark to inspire our actions and create meaning and common purpose within the organization.

  • Money at the service of human development

    At Desjardins, we view money as a tool to support the autonomy and development of people and communities. Everything we do is for our members and clients.

  • Personal commitment

    By choosing Desjardins, our members, employees and board members contribute to and are personally invested in the development of Desjardins. A cooperative is sustained by everyone's personal commitment to help to meet shared needs.

  • Democratic action

    Desjardins is a democratic organization, meaning that all members can participate in making the decisions and shaping the priorities for their cooperative, according to the "one member, one vote" principle.

    Participation is key to maintaining Desjardins's cooperative nature.

  • Integrity and rigour

    We are committed to doing everything we can to earn and maintain the trust of our members, clients and partners, for the common good. This responsibility requires us to demonstrate honesty, objectivity, competence and transparency, and to comply with all regulations and guidelines governing us, as well as with sound business and management practices.

  • Solidarity with the community

    At Desjardins, we are actively involved in communities' socioeconomic development in order to share wealth and support sustainable prosperity. Desjardins's commitment to individuals and communities is based on kindness and mutual assistance.

  • Intercooperation

    At Desjardins, we pool our resources in order to best meet our members' and clients' needs and contribute to developing the cooperative model.