Desjardins Security Fund

In 1980, in order to ensure the financial security of the caisses, Desjardins Group created Desjardins Security Fund.

Desjardins Security Fund is based on a financial reserve accumulated over the years. The Desjardins Security Fund mission, as set forth in the Act respecting Financial Services Cooperatives, consists in:

  • establishing and managing a security, liquidity or mutual assistance fund for caisses members of the Fund
  • taking part in the network’s capitalisation
  • helping pay for losses resulting from the liquidation by members of a caisse that is a member of the Fund
  • avoiding or reducing disbursements by the Autorité des marchés financiers under the Deposit Insurance - External link. This link will open in a new window. Act

Desjardins Security Fund plays an essential role in the network. It ensures that no Desjardins caisse of Quebec is insolvable. It provides, if need be, financial assistance to caisses of Quebec experiencing temporary difficulty and makes sure that appropriate measures for redress are implemented.

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