The Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec

The Federation is the organization that supports the Desjardins caisses in Québec. Its mandate is to provide the caisses with the services they require and to coordinate the efforts of all other Desjardins Group components, some of which report directly to the Federation, such as Capital Desjardins and Desjardins Trust. There are also 4 institutions related to the caisse network with specific vocations: Desjardins Foundation, Société historique Alphonse-Desjardins, Développement international Desjardins and Desjardins Security Fund.

The Federation includes 4 business units: Desjardins Card Services, Desjardins Electronic Access and Payment Services, Desjardins Point-of-Sale Financing Services and Desjardins Payroll and Human Resources Services.

Integrated with the Federation, the Desjardins Group Monitoring Office is the component that ensures that caisse member assets are well protected. It assesses the caisses and all affiliated companies based on recognized financial sector standards and practices.

A service organization that cares about democracy

The Federation's presence in the field is bolstered by many Regional Executive Divisions and one provincial office for group caisses (credit unions). Each of these units supports a number of caisses in their daily activities.

This network is reinforced by 17 regional councils , 16 for the caisses populaires and 1 for the group caisses. Cornerstone of the Desjardins democratic process, the regional council represents the caisses of a region with the Federation and the community. Among other roles, the council ensures that the concerns expressed by the region's caisses are taken into account by the Federation.

Each regional council is made up of 10 volunteer directors and 5 caisse general managers, for a total of 255 members from the entire network elected by management of their regional caisses. The 17 council presidents are all members of the Federation's Board of Directors, which also includes 4 general managers, elected by regional council members, and the President of Desjardins Group, for a total of 22.