Desjardins Trust

The role of Desjardins Trust has evolved considerably since the start of 2005, when its manufacturing, wholesale and specialized investment fund and private management services were reassigned to the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec.

Nonetheless, Desjardins Trust is still the trust arm of Desjardins Group and, as such, it remains active in specialized fields.

Main services

Main clienteles

  • Desjardins caisses
  • pension funds
  • life insurers
  • full service brokers
  • portfolio managers
  • all types of groups and associations
  • private, public, parapublic and cooperative businesses
  • individuals

Desjardins Private Management offers a comprehensive and select lifetime approach to changing financial and trust needs. Our discretionary portfolio management and trust services are expertly tailored to clients seeking sound management and transfer of their wealth.

It contributes to:

  • increasing your free time
  • ensuring your peace of mind
  • preserving family harmony

We take the time to understand your situation in order to serve you better. In a climate of trust and confidentiality, we develop personalized measures with you that are adapted to your life style.

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Desjardins, an experienced investment fund provider, has offered investment funds for its members for over 40 years. With an outstanding of more than $12 billion, Desjardins ranks first among investment fund providers in Quebec and is among the largest in Canada.

An industry leader in socially responsible investment (SRI), Desjardins's commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development is embodied in its Desjardins Environment Fund and SocieTerra portfolios, which aim to advance businesses' environmental, social, and governance practices.

Whether you are investing for retirement, to pay for your child's education, or to grow your assets outside an RRSP, our investment solutions and selection of funds can help you reach your financial goals and move through each phase of life confidently. Not only do they meet your needs and priorities—they're designed to make your life easier, too.

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